Vantage Point

Tackling the Skeptics

May 12, 2017

We have all heard it before: customers who walk through the door to F&I and immediately state that they won’t be purchasing any products, they believe they are all a scam or have no value, and they don’t even want to hear it — all before the F&I manager can get out more than “hello”. These F&I skeptics have likely either had a bad experience with an F&I product in the past, or they know someone who did, and it has closed their minds to even the possibility of finding value in what we offer.


Saving F&I's Reputation

April 19, 2017

This week, we came across a news item from a local NBC station about a couple deciding to purchase a vehicle service contract when their factory warranty was up, because they wanted to ensure they were protected if something went wrong.


Claims on the Front Line: A Better Customer Experience Starts Here

March 3, 2017

When it comes to F&I programs, the importance of the claims department can’t be overstated. The employees in the claims department are on the front lines – day in and day out – interacting with the customer and shaping the customer experience. Here at RoadVantage, it’s a job that comes with the great responsibility to uphold our mantra of “A Better Customer Experience.”


The Fastest-Growing Vehicle-Buying Population

April 13, 2017

It’s impossible to escape this fact. In every publication, including Automotive News, there is at least one article pointing to Millennials as the fastest-growing car-buying population in the United States. By 2020, they will make up about 40% of the entire U.S. vehicle market.


The Academy Experience

February 23, 2017

We recently had the opportunity to attend one of the F&I training classes, taught by F&I Training & Development Specialist Dave Perriton and Academy Director Tony Dupaquier. The Y.E.S. F&I Workshop is an intensive three-day course that proclaims to have “a progressive and innovative curriculum designed to help capture backend profits while maintaining high CSI levels.” Needless to say, our interest was piqued to learn more.