When it comes to F&I programs, the importance of the claims department can’t be overstated. The employees in the claims department are on the front lines – day in and day out – interacting with the customer and shaping the customer experience. Here at RoadVantage, it’s a job that comes with the great responsibility to uphold our mantra of “A Better Customer Experience.”

When we started RoadVantage, we took a hard look at claims and how they’d be handled. We’d seen firsthand the claims headaches that agents and dealers were experiencing with other providers, so we decided to approach claims adjudication with a mindset that is unique in our industry: we removed exclusions and simplified our contracts, so customers would have the coverage they’d been promised, and claims could be more quickly and easily approved – eliminating those claims headaches.

But that’s only half the battle of providing a better customer experience. The other part, which is just as important, is the personal interaction that takes place between customers and the claims department to file a claim.

At RoadVantage, we take great pride in our claims team. We have some of the most talented, dedicated people in the business, and we make a daily effort to give them the tools and culture they need to provide a better customer experience.

We talked to some of our claims team to get their thoughts about working in claims in general, and working for RoadVantage in particular. Across the board, we were incredibly humbled to hear that everything we have strived for is paying off.

Mindy Dodd, one of our Claims Adjusters, has been working in claims for 30 years. She came to us when she realized it was time for a change. She noted one of the biggest benefits to her is that dealers actually enjoy working with RoadVantage, instead of seeing their F&I provider as an adversary. “It is a very positive atmosphere. We have a good team and great leadership,” she said.

She went on to note, “Claims can be very challenging and sometimes difficult, although they can also be very rewarding when you have the tools you need to adjudicate a claim fast and efficiently. It is rewarding to me to receive positive feedback from the customer/service writer because I have done my job well.”

Tina Williams, one of our Claims Examiners, has been working in this industry for more than seven years, and it was a happy accident that brought her to the RoadVantage team: she saw a job posting and had never heard of RoadVantage, but decided to apply anyway.

For Tina, working at RoadVantage has been “a wonderful blessing.” She says that working for a company with happy customers has been a massive change. “In my previous customer center jobs, I dealt with frustrated customers, and calls typically consisted of complaints, yelling, screaming, name calling, etc.,” she noted. “At RoadVantage, everyone on the phone is nice and pleasant because they know they’re getting ready to speak with an experienced Claims Adjuster who is here to help in any way possible.” Beyond the satisfaction of knowing she is actively helping customers, Tina noted that the work environment has also been a huge benefit. “I love working with a great group of individuals I trust and respect,” she said. “We have great resources at our fingertips. Also, I know my work ethics and knowledge don’t go unnoticed, and I’m valued as an employee. I’m not just someone on the phone taking inbound calls to make a Supervisor’s or Manager’s stats look good.”

Larry Morrison, an Operations Manager, has been a claims adjuster since 1990, and was one of the first employees we hired to help us create and grow this business. “I wanted a departure from the usual, so I joined RoadVantage and have had the privilege of watching it grow,” he said. ““RoadVantage in general and their claims department in particular are different from everywhere else I’ve worked. RoadVantage has purposely designed their products — and by extension, their claims department — to find ways to pay covered claims and minimize, if not eliminate, most normal exclusions and exceptions to coverage and other impediments to paying claims that other providers in the market still have. It’s exciting to participate in the phenomenal growth and expansion of not only our dealer base, but our sales staff, admin and claims departments as well. RoadVantage has invested heavily in technological resources, and hires the best talent available. It has been incredible to watch our management team craft these elements into the powerhouse that RoadVantage has become in this industry.”

Frank Diaz, our Claims Director, has been in this industry for over 30 years, managing claims operations at both the regional and national level. “What really interested me in coming to work at RoadVantage was the opportunity to build a contact center that emphasizes customer service, innovation and organizational agility. I’m proud to say 97{137f86425451f0eed4391b215cab1f0aedcc26ced4aeb45d9a5267c3194b8614} of all claims are approved within 8 minutes or less, all the while maintaining balance in all stakeholder needs. That’s what gets me excited, and why I feel we are so special compared to other companies.”

When we started RoadVantage, we set out to create the best products in the industry, and then create the best claims department to back them up. And I am incredibly proud of how far we have come already. We are as passionate about our people as we are about our products, and we love passing that passion along to our customers as well — and our claims department perfectly exemplifies everything we want RoadVantage to be.

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This post was written by: Garret Lacour, CEO RoadVantage

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