RoadVantage regularly seeks feedback from our agents and dealers to make sure we’re providing the best customer service possible. We ask our agents and dealers why they’ve chosen RoadVantage, and about their experience working with RoadVantage. We’ve learned a great deal, and this summer, we’re sharing some of these dealer and agent interviews here in our blog. In honor of the Dealers’ Choice Awards, we’re starting with an Interview with Matt Johnson, Owner, Holiday Auto Group:

Matt Johnson is not the type of person to take it easy. He is the owner and operator of the Holiday Auto Group, which includes both Ford and Chevrolet locations, a Defender Outdoors location — which includes both a retail component as well as a shooting range — and a Napa Auto Parts store. He works hard, and he expects the products and providers he brings into his company to do the same.

In the F&I departments of his dealerships, Johnson was frustrated by administrator providers not delivering what they promised. He had heard of RoadVantage, and knew they had a great reputation, so he decided to make the switch.

Johnson loves that RoadVantage has all-inclusive coverages without the limitations and exclusions that commonly cause problems. He noted RoadVantage has products that can work for all demographics; his stores are in Whitesboro, Texas, which, he said, is a bit out in the country. It is north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and he stated, “I can say my customers drive a heck of a lot more, and are a lot harder on their vehicles than most.”

Johnson has been working with RoadVantage for over two years now. In the past, he said, when he started working with a new provider, the complaints would start to roll in about 6-8 months after he would begin selling the product. That time frame has been fairly consistent across all 22 years of his career in the automotive space. “RoadVantage, however, has broken the pattern: I have yet to receive a single complaint from a customer about the products and services themselves, the company or the claims process.”

“Everything seems great until a customer calls me and says it’s been cumbersome to file a claim, or a pain to talk to someone or find out more information about their contract. I have not had one complaint since I’ve started working with RoadVantage.”

Johnson sells 400-500 vehicles every month, and as much as 80{137f86425451f0eed4391b215cab1f0aedcc26ced4aeb45d9a5267c3194b8614} of his customers make the drive out from the bigger surrounding cities to purchase from him. Another benefit he enjoys about RoadVantage is that those customers don’t need to come all the way back out to see him every time they need to have a claim handled.

He cites honesty, integrity and loyalty to the dealer as some of the top reasons RoadVantage is his preferred partner. And they don’t just rest on their laurels, he noted, with both the company and the products constantly improving to better meet the changing needs of the market. In the end, he summed up working with RoadVantage quite simply: “Great people. Great service. Great products.”