RoadVantage regularly seeks feedback from our agents and dealers to make sure we’re providing the best customer service possible. We ask our agents and dealers why they’ve chosen RoadVantage, and about their experience working with RoadVantage. We’ve learned a great deal, and this summer, we’re sharing some of these dealer and agent interviews here in our blog. This week, we’re sharing feedback from RoadVantage agent Tom Sullivan, General Manager of TST Inc:

For Tom Sullivan, the general manager at TST Inc. based in Pittsburgh, Pa., RoadVantage and its product line is a perfect fit. The company has been in business since 1978, and it prides itself on the reputation it has built in the industry for manufacturing the finest appearance protection products available. When a dealer sees the TST logo, they know they are getting the finest quality products available today. The last thing they wanted to do when they decided to expand their product offerings, he noted, was partner with a provider who would potentially damage that.

“When we represent a company, our dealers see TST first and the provider second,” Sullivan said. “If there’s a problem, it reflects on TST first, and it’s our reputation on the line. RoadVantage has the same commitment to providing quality products and services as TST. In my 33 years at TST, I’ve never had to apologize to a dealer over quality of TST’s products and service — and with RoadVantage I feel comfortable in saying that will continue.”

The RoadVantage product line dovetails perfectly with the TST line of appearance protection products, filling the gaps in their own in-house product mix, and allowing them to offer a more complete solution to their dealer clients. Their products now include complete options to protect vehicle surfaces inside and out, as well as protect and warranty against accidental damage. TST primarily serves new-car dealerships in the full spectrum of small to large-sized locations.

What sets RoadVantage apart, he said, is the people, products and process they adhere to. “Their people — from top to bottom— are top notch, very attentive and willing to go the extra mile for TST and our customers,” Sullivan noted. “Their products are leading edge, innovative and well-received at the dealer level. Their claims process is seamless, very easy for dealers and consumers.”

Sullivan went on to note that, in particular, the claims division at RoadVantage is a stand-out. TST has its own claims division for the products it creates in-house, and knows how challenging that can be at times. “RoadVantage’s handling of claims is second to none,” he stated. “Claims are adjudicated quickly and efficiently, without the usual exclusions that other companies have in their policies.”

He also believes that RoadVantage’s commitment to the agents is a powerful message. “To date, they’ve been committed to the agent model for distribution of their products, unlike some others who go direct and bypass the agents altogether,” he noted.

At the end of the day, Sullivan is proud to be partnered with a company like RoadVantage, which values people – from employees to clients to end-users — as highly as TST itself does. “Everyone I’ve met and dealt with has been first rate,” he concluded. “They’ve built their company with quality individuals from Garret [Lacour, CEO] on down.”