RoadVantage offers these two highly effective preload options. Give your dealers a competitive advantage and dramatically increase upsell penetration with Preferred Care and Preferred Care with Tire Repair/Replacement.

Help your dealers differentiate themselves from competitors and provide excellent added value to their customers. This preload bundle will help them build a loyal customer base, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales.

Preferred Care

A Proven Preload Bundle

The RoadVantage Preferred Care preload has proven to be a highly effective program for dealers across the country. This 6-month “Why Buy Here” bundle includes Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield, Key, and Interior/Exterior Repair. Preferred Care creates a competitive advantage for dealers, receptive upsell customers, and adds to reinsurance.

Preferred Care with Tire Repair/Replacement

A Unique Preload Bundle

The new RoadVantage Preferred Care preload with Tire Repair/Replacement is fast becoming the go-to competitive advantage product. This fresh idea for a 6-month “Why Buy Here” bundle includes Tire Repair/Replacement, Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield, Key, and Interior/Exterior Repair. With no tire-only upsell option, the added tire coverage persuasively sets up the sale of bundles with full tire and wheel coverage.

Preferred Care Preload Upsell Pathways

An Effective Upsell Method

The included coverage in RoadVantage Preferred Care starts the customer conversation about the value of protection products. Describing the coverage early in the process establishes upsell opportunities to bundles with the greatest value to consumers and highest profit for dealers.

Point-of-Sale Materials Designed to Impress

RoadVantage Preferred Care programs launch with a complete set of descriptive point-of-sale materials including a showroom poster, car and desk toppers, sales laminates, and more.

Preferred Care — Preload Products Made to Make Selling Simple

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