Dealers may sometimes ask. And they’re not asking about your free time. They want to know — what can you offer to help them compete and win? How can you help them make money…right now?

In recent years, dealers have been pleased with the competitive advantage lifetime powertrain warranties deliver. They’ve helped sell more cars. But they’ve also come with a catch. The great value they provide is causing many dealers problems in their reinsurance programs. Because customers like keeping vehicles with lifetime warranties. And when there are claims, they’re often expensive. So what’s the solution? How do your dealers maintain the attraction of a mechanical warranty without significant participation losses?

Talk to the only provider with top honors, #1-rated Dealers’ Choice Diamond award winning products — Ancillary and VSC. We have answers right now — ask about our 8/5/3 alternative to problematic Lifetime warranty programs. We can help you deliver unique programs with advantages others can’t match.

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