Save Time. Save Phone Calls.

A GAP claim involves various stakeholders and the collection of multiple documents. To simplify the process, we’ve created the RoadVantage GAP Document Management System, an online tool for uploading and cataloging the documents needed for claim processing. Contract holders, lienholders, dealership personnel, agents, and others can easily upload and review document status anytime. User-friendly features will empower everyone involved in the claim process.

Agents and Dealers Can Access Their Associated GAP Claims

The GAP Document Management System allows agents to view all GAP claims associated with their accounts in one place as a comprehensive list. Clicking on each claim reveals details regarding its status. Agents can even upload related documents to help expedite the process.

Dealers can view claims related to their dealership and also have the ability to upload documents in a convenient one-stop location.

Ready to Use. Ready to Help.

Use the GAP Document Management System to manage all your RoadVantage GAP claims — please contact your RoadVantage Claims representative for access.

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