The RoadVantage full suite of vehicle service contracts is designed to elevate your business to higher levels of profitability.

Preferred VSC

Preferred 3-option VSC is our most comprehensive mechanical program. With three levels of coverage to choose from — Standard PowerTrain, Stated, and Exclusionary, this flexible product makes the sales process easy for F&I.

Preferred WearCare VSC

Preferred WearCare VSC covers parts and labor costs for everyday wear components, including brake rotors, brake pads, battery, belts & hoses, spark plugs, and more. This program also includes exclusionary mechanical VSC coverage providing customers worry-free driving with peace of mind knowing potential future expenses are covered.

Preferred Medium Duty Truck

Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC is designed to provide a wide variety of coverages beyond the OEM offerings for chassis cab trucks, including Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, and Ram up to 6500 and the Ford F650 models — plus cutaway vans. Also covered are lifted trucks up to 6 inches, power winches, side steps, brush guards, and more. Call today to learn more about this unique product.

Preferred High Tech

Today’s vehicles are equipped with high-tech devices that can be expensive to replace, including cameras, navigation systems, keyless access systems, etc. There are also many modern safety features that drivers depend on, including active braking systems, exit warning systems, back seat reminder systems, and many others. Preferred High Tech VSC provides coverage for all these and more.

EV Elite VSCs – for electric vehicles

With the growing wave of EV demand, RoadVantage offers VSCs specifically for electric vehicles. EV Elite VSC with optional propulsion battery coverage provides robust exclusionary protection for items including home charging stations, electric motors, high-voltage cables, and much more. Includes coverage for up to 12 years and 150,000 miles, no in-service dates, and no surcharges.

The EV Elite High Tech VSC protects the vital high-tech parts featured in the newest electric vehicle models. Driver assistance systems, touch screen displays, audio/video, and navigation systems are all covered, plus much more.

The RoadVantage Full Suite of VSC Programs

Preferred VSC

An option program with three levels of coverage to choose from: Standard PowerTrain, Stated, and Exclusionary.

Preferred Unlimited Time VSC

The same three levels of coverage to choose from but with unlimited-time term.

Premier Wear Care VSC

Coverage for common wear parts.

Preferred Wear Care VSC

Coverage for common wear parts — plus exclusionary mechanical coverage.

Preferred High Tech VSC

Stated coverage for high-tech devices — some of the most expensive vehicle components.

Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC

An option program for commercial trucks, pickup and delivery, and more with two levels of coverage to choose from: Standard PowerTrain, and Stated.

Preferred Certified VSC

Exclusionary coverage that wraps a RoadVantage dealer-issued 3-point or 8-point limited warranty.

Certified Pre-owned VSC

Exclusionary coverage that wraps an OEM/factory limited warranty.

Preferred Lifetime VSC

Exclusionary lifetime coverage that wraps a RoadVantage Basic PowerTrain lifetime limited warranty.

Preferred Long Term VSC

Exclusionary long term coverage (up to 12 years — 150,000 miles) that wraps a RoadVantage Basic PowerTrain lifetime limited warranty.

EV Elite VSC – for electric vehicles

Exclusionary coverage specifically for electric vehicles with optional propulsion battery protection.

EV Elite High Tech – for electric vehicles

Stated high-tech component coverage specifically for electric vehicles.

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