F&I Product Line

RoadVantage offers a full suite of innovative products, including stand-alone products and bundles. What’s different about RoadVantage F&I products?

We offer more, and we offer it first.

Research indicates that a greater awareness and understanding of F&I products correlates with a higher receptiveness to hearing about them in the F&I manager’s office, and a stronger likelihood of buying them. RoadVantage offers videos free for use by all dealerships to help explain the value of F&I programs to consumers. To see our videos, click here.

We have the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry today, hands down. We’ve taken a fresh approach that simplifies forms and dramatically reduces exclusions, resulting in headache-free claims. For more on our coverage, see True Coverage.

Innovative Products. We were the first to cover chrome; the first to cover hubcaps; the first to offer 7-year terms on our complete line of products; and we are still the only provider to offer multi-option bundles, which enable customers to choose from different bundles on a single form. See our Preferred Bundles for more.

In addition to our complete line of stand-alone and bundled products, we offer a Total Solution that can drive profits for both retail sales and lease programs.


RoadVantage F&I products include:

  • Preferred Multi-Option Bundles
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Dent & Ding Repair
  • Windshield Repair/Replace
  • Key Replacement
  • Anti-Theft
  • Interior/Exterior Repair
  • GAP
  • Total Solution


“I feel like what I’m doing makes a real difference. It’s great.”

– RoadVantage employee, Claims