Serving Dealerships with The Most Effective F&I

RoadVantage was founded by industry veterans focused on one goal: Building the best automotive aftermarket ancillary product company – from the ground up. We are passionate about not only providing superior protection, but also an exceptional customer experience.

We are the only provider offering True Coverage for the exclusions that typically cause claims headaches. We have a full suite of ancillary products, as well as many tools & resources, to help your dealership succeed.

Confidence Being Backed by the Best

The complete RoadVantage product line offers the highest quality, most competitively priced F&I products available in the market today. RoadVantage products are fully insured by an AM BEST “A” rated insurance company.

You are Not Alone in Your Commitment to Customer Service

RoadVantage offers dealers the highest level of customer service and reliable claims administration. Our administration staff and claims personnel are always the most helpful and knowledgeable in the industry, due to stringent hiring requirements and advanced training techniques, combined with a commitment to continuing education. Our state-of-the-art multichannel contact center handles your requests via calls, chat, email or paperless fax while providing the right mix of self service options and personal service.

Simple Online Claims for Dealers and Agents

RoadVantage agents and dealers can take advantage of our fast and accurate online tools to register and track claims status from anywhere, anytime.

Fast Processing with Cutting-Edge eBusiness Solutions

eBusiness eliminates costly errors and missed opportunities. RoadVantage allows dealership personnel to eRate, eRegister, and eRemit, cutting out costly errors, saving valuable time and significantly reducing dealership administration cost.

Claims Toolbox

An Innovative Approach: RoadVantage is the first F&I ancillary business to address the connection between claims efficiency and claims adjudication.

Selling great products is only part of what we do at RoadVantage: service is just as important. Because we understand that the service department is an increasingly integral part of the claims filing process, the service department is a key component of our dealership installation. We have developed specialized training and agent optimization tools, including self-service tools such as online training and online claim filing, to ensure a quick and efficient filing process.

Our commitment to service claim adjudication creates a core competitive advantage – we enable dealers to ensure a positive contribution to customer satisfaction.


  • Claims Center with skill-based universal queue supported by state-of-the-art technology
  • Phone, chat, email, fax, and online claim filing
  • Dealer-Agent Portal—manage cost and profitability with eRegistration, eContracting, eRemittance and online claims
  • Fully scalable, cloud-based technology

Results: Operational excellence, speed and superior customer service

Claims flow

Highly efficient claims adjudication with a sharp focus on first-contact resolution

“This company cares about its employees. I love being able to work together as a team to help our service writers and agents.”

– RoadVantage employee, Claims