When it comes to medium duty truck coverage, Dealers have had few options beyond the OEM offerings. RoadVantage Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC is designed to provide a wide variety of coverages — including lifted trucks up to 6 inches, power winches, side steps, brush guards, and more. Find out today how RoadVantage can create new opportunities for your agency with medium duty truck coverage.


Premium coverage for chassis cab trucks including Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, and Ram up to 6500 and the Ford F650 models — also covers cutaway vans

Today’s vehicles are equipped with high-tech devices that can be expensive to replace, including cameras, navigation systems, keyless access systems, etc. There are also many modern safety features that drivers depend on, including active braking systems, exit warning systems, back seat reminder systems, and many others. The RoadVantage Preferred High Tech VSC provides coverage for all these and more.


Fits well for vehicles with longer limited powertrain factory warranties which may limit the sale of full VSC coverage products 

Driving should be worry-free. Help your customers keep finances under control and enjoy peace of mind knowing that the exclusionary Preferred WearCare VSC also provides coverage for everyday wear parts such as brakes, belts, fluids, headlamps, and more.


Everyday wear items plus Exclusionary Coverage

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