RoadVantage Achieves a Seventh Straight First Place Diamond Win for Best F&I Ancillary Products and Wins Top Honors Diamond for Vehicle Service Contracts in the 2023 Dealers’ Choice Awards!

With nine years of recognition in the category, RoadVantage enjoys a seventh straight win as the top level DIAMOND AWARD WINNER for best F&I Ancillary Products and wins DIAMOND for best Vehicle Service Contracts in 2023. RoadVantage is committed to Driving a Better Experience — with the most innovative bundles, exclusionary coverage options, state-of-the-art mechanical VSC products, free consumer videos, and our industry-leading claims service, RoadVantage will ensure your agency provides the customer experience that builds lifelong customers for your dealers. Just call or email us today to see how we can help your business achieve the highest levels of success. Our Agent Partners are moving more of their dealers to RoadVantage every day!

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