Leading the Industry in Product Innovation

With complete dedication to constant and never-ending product development, RoadVantage leads the industry in innovating new products to benefit Agents, Dealers, and customers. In just 6 months, RoadVantage has created these 4 new offerings with incomparable coverage.

The Lifetime Ancillary Bundle

A Solution No One Else Has

The new Lifetime Bundle is a natural fit for Dealers already promoting a Lifetime VSC concept and a perfect complement to upselling a Lifetime VSC product — the RoadVantage Dealer Advantage bundle front-load enhances the “Why Buy Here” culture a Dealer has already established. And as the additional value of Lifetime promotes more VSC sales, Dealer Advantage promotes more Ancillary Bundle sales.

For prospect accounts selling others’ Lifetime programs, this is your opportunity to fit well into their current offerings. Or for accounts NOT selling Lifetime programs, this concept fits to promote more ancillary sales. Plus, since the Lifetime Ancillary program is unique, it provides Agents defense in existing accounts.

Preferred High Tech VSC

Coverage Specific to Some of the Most Expensive Vehicle Components

Vehicle technology advances every year, and repairs are now requiring the purchase of expensive component modules. But customers can rest easy knowing their high-tech devices are covered by the new RoadVantage Preferred High Tech VSC program. It’s the most comprehensive coverage in a stand-alone product on the market, which fits well for vehicles with longer limited OEM warranties that may limit the sale of a full VSC coverage product.

Preferred High Tech VSC offers a cost-competitive upselling option, and covers Driver Convenience parts and systems, such as heads-up display systems, driver recognition systems, anti-theft transmitters, and more. It also provides coverage for Advanced Driver Assistance parts and systems, such as blind spot detection systems, back seat reminder systems, vibration sensors, and more.

Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC

Specific Coverage for Commercial Trucks, Pickup & Delivery, Utility, & More

Chassis cab trucks have typically been excluded from most VSC coverage products, so RoadVantage is introducing a program designed specifically for these vehicles. The new Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC provides customers extended peace of mind by offering two levels of stated coverage and a long list of the most common, and also the most expensive vehicle failures, once their factory warranty expires.

Preferred Medium Duty Truck VSC covers all the popular makes and models up to the F650 and 6500, and Dealers gets to choose the deductible — with disappearing option. 

Preferred Unlimited Time VSC

Inspired by Military Customers Who May Be Deployed for Long Periods

To purchase a VSC contract on a new vehicle, and then have it expire while the vehicle has been sitting idle, doesn’t make much sense. Though it happens to civilians, it more often occurs with military customers who buy cars and then are deployed for months or years at a time. This inspired RoadVantage to introduce our new Preferred Unlimited Time VSC program, where contract expiration is based solely on mileage — not on time.

Available in a choice of three levels of coverage, basic PowerTrain, stated Select, and exclusionary Elite, Preferred Unlimited Time VSC maximizes covered components, while reducing exclusions that typically cause claims headaches. Some of the features include no surcharges, no exclusion for pre-existing conditions, coverage for ride sharing vehicles, coverage for superseded or updated parts, dealer-controlled deductibles, and more.

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