New Product Offerings with No-cost Disinfectant

Install our new Interior-only product or our Interior/Exterior product with the reapplication benefit of an EPA-registered antimicrobial treatment — at no extra cost to you or your Dealers’ customers. There is no extra charge for disinfectant and no extra cost for our warranty.

A Quote from Agent Frank P.

“I requested an interior-only program with an antimicrobial benefit and RoadVantage delivered in less than 10 days! …Fastest any provider has ever responded to my needs during the 40 years I have been an Agent. I have signed four Dealer accounts on this new product in the first week. Thank you, RoadVantage!”

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RoadVantage Discovers Money-Saving Information on Antimicrobial Disinfectants for Auto Dealers

AUSTIN, Texas – RoadVantage, voted the #1-rated F&I products provider by dealerships nationwide for three years running, was driven to research the best disinfectant options for car dealerships and discovered money-saving information.

Though RoadVantage is not in the chemicals business, the company noticed what was happening in the marketplace with regard to dealerships and disinfectants. Since the start of the pandemic, dealers have begun to realize the need to calm the fears of car buyers by altering their pre-coronavirus methods of doing business. Many have quickly revised their advertising to show and tell consumers the specific things they do to sanitize their vehicles and dealerships. Though disinfectant programs for vehicles were already in the marketplace, a rush began with an array of companies offering these products to dealers at widely-varying costs. Since RoadVantage serves car dealers and their agents, the company felt an obligation to investigate the differences.

“We quickly discovered that there are over 390 chemical manufacturers on the EPA List N approved for use against COVID-19,” said Randy Ross, President of Sales for RoadVantage. “There are two primary kinds of disinfectant compounds. One is a quaternary ammonium compound, commonly known as “Quats,” and the other is Chlorine Dioxide. These effective antimicrobials have been in use for over 100 years. The most compelling part of our research is we found that these compounds make up the vast bulk of disinfectant products and are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and use. We learned that vehicles can be quickly and effectively sanitized for only pennies per application,” said Ross.

“The ‘New Normal’ is quickly transforming the way every business behaves to create a safe environment for customers, and car dealerships are at the leading edge,” said RoadVantage CEO Garret Lacour. “We decided to be proactive in helping our agent partners and their dealers with low-cost solutions. In fact, we even created a program that provides free antimicrobial disinfectant to those selling even a minimum of our aftermarket products,” said Lacour.

For more information on the specific disinfectant research, the RoadVantage team conducted, please call 855-680-2200 to discuss the findings.