Point-of-sale videos give dealers new tool for customer engagement —

Austin, TX (PRWEB) May 22, 2017 — Six months after releasing a free educational F&I video to all U.S. dealerships, RoadVantage today released a new series of free point-of-sale product videos to help dealers drive consumer interest in F&I protection when purchasing a vehicle.

“Research shows that four times as many consumers prefer watching a video about a product over reading about it. Dealers who have used the F&I video we released last November have reported overwhelmingly positive results,” said RoadVantage CEO Garret Lacour. “As a result, we’ve created these product-specific videos to serve up point-of-sale product information in an engaging manner that resonates with today’s consumer.”

The new videos (http://bit.ly/2roTqJd) are short and product-specific, like an audiovisual product brochure, so dealers can use them in the F&I manager’s office and on their websites to help customers understand the benefits of specific products: Tire & Wheel, Dent & Ding Repair, Windshield Repair, Interior/Exterior Repair, and Key Replacement.

“As a dealer myself, I’m aware first-hand of how the customer shopping experience has evolved,” said Randy Ross, senior vice president of sales for RoadVantage, former cofounder of Group 1 and owner of Ross Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Boone, NC. “We are showing these videos on our monitors in my dealership showroom and service lounge, and on our website, and they’ve been very effective – customers are actually asking us about the products after seeing the videos.”

The point-of-sale product videos are available on the RoadVantage YouTube channel and are available to all dealerships nationwide. Dealers can link to the videos, or download them for use on their websites or to use as part of presentations in the F&I office.

“There’s a lot of buzz in our industry about digital F&I and the connected consumer,” continued Lacour. “We want to make sure dealers have the tools they need to engage those consumers wherever those consumers may be: online, or watching showroom monitors, or as part of the F&I presentation.”

RoadVantage created the videos in response to industry studies demonstrating that when customers are aware of aftermarket products, they are more likely to purchase them, coupled with research demonstrating a direct correlation between watching product videos and purchase intent.