AUSTIN, Texas — RoadVantage, a provider of F&I programs for the automotive industry, has announced a new initiative aimed at helping dealerships increase profits on retails sales and lease programs through a single customizable F&I product bundle.

“The ‘Total Solution’ offers three bundle choices — tailored for either retail or lease customers — on a single form,” said Garret Lacour, CEO of RoadVantage. “It’s the most comprehensive bundle available, and the customizable options make it the perfect solution for retail or lease customers, directly driving greater profits for dealers.”

Two years ago, RoadVantage introduced cosmetic coverage for chrome and chrome-clad wheels, and introduced cosmetic coverage for wheel covers earlier this year as part of its True Coverage initiative. The RoadVantage PreferredPlus programs incorporate this coverage while also offering customizable packaged solutions for both retail and lease customers, providing a competitive edge through a single, simple solution. This is the Total Solution.

“Whether dealers are working with retail sales or lease customers, the RoadVantage Total Solution offers the most comprehensive coverage on the market today, including three customizable options on one form, which simplifies presentation while occupying multiple places on the menu,” said Brad Blizzard, national vice president of sales with RoadVantage. “It’s a profit generator for dealers, which is why agents and dealers are embracing this program.”

The RoadVantage Total Solution includes a PreferredPlus retail program and a PreferredPlus lease program, tailored specifically to each group of customers. The lease program offers the lease customer a stronger value proposition during the lease term than lease wear-and-tear programs because it provides wear-and-tear protection while the customer is actually driving the vehicle, officials said. The lease program is an appearance program, featuring interior coverage along with cosmetic wheel coverage, door ding, windshield and key replacement benefits.