Thank you! We appreciate the feedback we've received from our dealers, agents, customers and employees:

“I have yet to receive a single complaint from a customer about the products and services themselves, the company or the claims process.”

– Matt Johnson, Owner, Holiday Auto Group

“Great company to work with. They process claims and payments very fast, while also paying the same day.”

– Alivia R., Dealer

"This company cares about its employees. I love being able to work together as a team to help our service writers and agents."

– RoadVantage employee, Claims

"I work with a lot of warranty companies, and I have not experienced such amazing and quick response than I did with RoadVantage. This has by far been the fastest turnaround service I've experienced. Thank you guys again for all your assistance and professionalism."

– Jessica R., Dealer

"Extremely helpful and knowledgeable, as always. I always have positive experiences with all of your staff. You guys are the best."

– Frank I., Dealer

“No one matches what RoadVantage covers. I’ve been in this business 37 years, and these are the most comprehensive programs to ever hit the industry. This is so exciting, I feel like I’m 30 again!”

– Kurt Doeren, Owner, CIC Automotive

"I love this company. They are always nice and polite to myself and the company I work for."

– Margie F., Dealer

"Super simple process. The process to get my claim filed between the shop and RoadVantage took about 10 minutes. The tire was covered, and I ended up paying about 1/10 the cost of the actual tire. Simple, quick, and effective."

– Conner R., Customer

"I feel like what I'm doing makes a real difference. It's great."

– RoadVantage employee, Claims

"I work with RoadVantage on almost a daily basis. Everyone is so great!"

– Jonathan F., Dealer

“I am proud to be partnered with a company like RoadVantage, which values people as highly as TST itself does. Everyone I’ve met and dealt with has been first rate. They’ve built their company with quality individuals, from the top on down.”

– Tom Sullivan, General Manager, TST Inc.

"Very well versed in getting my claim complete... I can count on RoadVantage to get things done in a timely manner as well."

– Rene R., Dealer

"So quick, easy and convenient! Best warranty company out there."

– David B., Dealer

"Smooth experience throughout - from claim submission to payment, no hiccups - 5 star service!!"

– Andy L., Dealer

“Exclusions are minimal and easy to explain to the end user, what’s covered and what’s not. And RoadVantage made it even better when they came out with True Coverage; they made a good product even better. There are a lot of loopholes in other competitors’ products, but I don’t have concerns now.”

– Rich Deiley, National Sales Manager, TST Inc.

"Thanks for setting me up with RoadVantage!"

– Angela M., Dealer

"I take pride in making sure our dealers and agents have the best looking presentation materials in the industry."

– RoadVantage employee, Creative Services

"I was prepared to be on hold forever or be sent to a full voicemail box, but a Claims representative answered the call, and in no time processed the claim in a quick, efficient and pleasant manner. What a treat! Restores my faith in corporate America!"

– Richard H., Dealer

"This process was fast and easy!"

– Donald M., Dealer

"I feel so honored to have a team that is so passionate about our commitment to excellence."

– Garret Lacour, RoadVantage CEO & Founder

"Excellent customer service! Extremely helpful and patient while filing claims!"

– Trey L., Dealer

"Like always, I can only wish my staff acted in such a professional manner. Good job to all your staff personnel. Thank you!"

– Alex T., Dealer

"My favorite thing about RoadVantage is the people. I have a great team, and great customers."

– RoadVantage employee, Admin